Guitar Hero Randomly Inserted Into Soundgarden Video

Soundgarden's album Telephantasm will be inside the first million copies of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock on September 28, so someone felt obligated to include the game in this animated video for the previously unreleased song "Black Rain".

Guitar Hero's inclusion in this video doesn't really make any sense, but the same can be said for the rest of the video as well. There's some sort of alien attacking a planet, Cartoon death metal rockers Dethklok are launched into space on a giant red gear, a cartoon Soundgarden summons a robot to fight the alien, the robot is defeated only to be reinvigorated by the Dethklok gear and saving the day.

It's the kind of music video 13-year-old me would have really enjoyed. I never really liked 13-year-old me.


    *scratches head*

    I still don't understand what Dethklok has to do with that video

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