Gunfusion: The Force Feedback, Pistol-Gripped, 3D Mouse Controller

Somewhere between a light gun and a 3D mouse things went sideways over at peripheral maker Novint's laboratories. The end result: this monstrosity.

The Novint Falcon Pistol Grib controller never quite took off, though you can now pick it up for 80 per cent off over at Novint.


    Looks odd, and it looks like the feedback from shooting would screws up your aim :(

    Can't see it for 80% off though I can see it for $250

    I know it's sort of designed to be more intuitive but can you really be intuitive when you're using your fingers to control where you're walking?

    Thats $80 off not %80.
    For %80 off i might consider it.

      That's only with the games bundel and they are sold out.
      It's been that price from the start when it first came out. :( Nothing new at all.

    It's not 80% off yo, it's $80 USD reduced (closer to 23%)

    Oh, an interesting tidbit about the Novint Falcon, they cameo in the GI:Joe movie where Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character is manipulating 2 of them at the same time during a surgery scene (with the default ball attachments, not the pistols)

    I remember they held a contest a while ago for TF2 players, where if you managed to beat someone using a Novint while using a mouse, they would give you a free one.

    It seemed like a very poor marketing strategy to me. "Beat someone and we'll give you the crappy peripheral they were using while you used your much better one"

      haptic devices are not "crappy" they might not be better for competitive play but they are more fun and immersiveto play with.

        I have to agree with steve here. I wouldn't be confident to say that it would give you the edge in competitive play, but I certainly think it would be fun for some single player action, even for the novelty of recoil. I have seen a lot of craptastic devices on the market that are supposed simulate real action or feel more tactile, but this actually looks pretty decent. Saying that, I don't think I want to know how much it costs.

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