Hail To The Mana Bar, Baby

Hail To The Mana Bar, Baby

The Mana Bar – a fine establishment which lovingly combines alcohol with video games for Brisbane’s social 1337 – is to host Australia’s first peek at Duke Nukem Forever on October 16th. But that’s not all: Kotaku AU has learned Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Software, will be present to show off the game and answer questions.

So how did the Mana Bar swing this? We all know co-founder Yug has a little black box full of pictures of developers on their drunken adventures at the bar for future leverage and blackmail. But more likely this is the last stop of Pitchford’s tour after travelling Europe, ending with Brisbane’s EB vendor show, to show that, yes, this game does indeed exist.

A Q&A session is planned with Yahtzee as the MC, which should be interesting given his Zero Punctuation coverage of the game. Not to mention the GameDamage pilot’s lampooning of the DNF design team.

If you’re in town, Duke Nukem Forever will be set up on all five screens from midday to midnight. Long enough for you to kick ass and drink beer – until you’re all out of beer.


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