Hail To The Mana Bar, Baby

The Mana Bar - a fine establishment which lovingly combines alcohol with video games for Brisbane's social 1337 - is to host Australia's first peek at Duke Nukem Forever on October 16th. But that's not all: Kotaku AU has learned Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Software, will be present to show off the game and answer questions.

So how did the Mana Bar swing this? We all know co-founder Yug has a little black box full of pictures of developers on their drunken adventures at the bar for future leverage and blackmail. But more likely this is the last stop of Pitchford's tour after travelling Europe, ending with Brisbane's EB vendor show, to show that, yes, this game does indeed exist.

A Q&A session is planned with Yahtzee as the MC, which should be interesting given his Zero Punctuation coverage of the game. Not to mention the GameDamage pilot's lampooning of the DNF design team.

If you're in town, Duke Nukem Forever will be set up on all five screens from midday to midnight. Long enough for you to kick ass and drink beer - until you're all out of beer.


    First! Good to see yer name Junglist. Would be great to go - Mana Bar; what a good idea!

    Hmmm, I'm inclined to fly to Brisbane next month all of a sudden.

    "But more likely this is the last stop of Pitchford’s tour across Europe, ending with Brisbane’s EB vendor show, to show that, yes, this game does indeed exist."

    I think you need to brush up on your geography a bit Jung.

      Let's blame the American education system.

        Were you disapointed when you found out we didn't all own kangaroos?

          It balances out, because I do the same to my US friends now. They all think I studied croc wrestling in school.

    man not the best place to show it that place is TINY.

    Still will be cool to see.

      Yeah bugger that, supposed 50 person capacity, went there once and there was absolutely no room with around 30 or so people there.

        Haters gonna hate :P

          If they had a bigger bar I wouldn't mind it. Good in concept but too small for me.

            And if they had no bar there would be no playable Duke Nukem Forever.

            Crazy :)

              But you don't understand Yug.
              If I did a Mana Bar it would be super huge.
              It would fit like 900 people (because there is like a million billion gamer bar fans in brisbane) but i would only let in like 70ish because i don't like crowded bars.

                Awesome, can't wait to go!! When you going to open? Can I get my name on the guest list?

                Did Name get it?

                  No Yug,
                  I only like gaming with people i know. Also me and my friends don't drink much so we don't want any drunks like at that mana bar.

    I don't see why he couldn't have finished the tour at Armaggedon, which is being held in Melbourne on the 16th and 17th, but I guess any chance to encourage gaming bars should be embraced.

    Saw this on the Facebook page, gonna be 1337 haha. You better be there Jung! And it is nice to see ya name here again!

    Duke Nukem forever??
    Good luck to whichever studio picks up the remains of that unlucky duck...
    I bet it has the tagline "Coming soon! 2052!"

      someones late to the party, Gearbox picked it up and its coming in 2011, EB already has pre orders going for it now.

    Damn seems like briz vegas is now the gaming capital of the country..what with this and the offical SC2 launch in briz as well

      @thyco haha bris vegas has always been the gaming captial of oz :P

    "hey muuuuuuuuuum!!!! have you got any holiday money saved? i want to go up to brisbane."
    "what for..."
    "so i can smack randy pitchford for making me wait so god dam long for a video game."
    "oh ok then"

    I'll be there, I'm down there for Metallica already, this just sweetens the deal

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