Half Life Remake Black Mesa Tantalisingly Previewed

"Is Black Mesa the ultimate Half Life mod?" That's the question Atomic MPC asked after going hands-on with a near-final build of the eagerly anticipated Half Life Black Mesa mod. I'm so jealous.

The front page of the dev team's website has us calling the mod "hot shit", yet still they tease. It's been years in the making, and now that it's inching ever closer to release they're flaunting it.

What did Atomic MPC have to say after playing through the opening level, inbound?


OK, they said a bit more than that.

The combination of attention to original detail, and new material provided by the modern team is impressive. If you've ever tried to go back to Half Life you'll know the old engine really isn't aging well; this, however, makes the game fresh and up to date.

I was playing Half Life just yesterday for an upcoming product and was taken aback by how badly the original holds up to everything that's come since. It's still an amazing game, but it could use an overhaul.

Full use has also been made of the Source engine's implementation of Havok physics. Most items can be picked up and thrown around, and the explosive action is much more chaotic than ever before. But it's the simple things that amuse, it seems - we spent more time than is probably healthy stacking chairs, folders and magazines on the Anomalous Materials reception desk during our initial run through.

Hit up Atomic MPC for the full preview. I'm not sure I can stand writing about it anymore.

I want to stack chairs on the Anomalous Materials reception desk, dammit!

Is Black Mesa the ultimate Half Life mod? [Atomic MPC]


    Sooo long in development! Hope they can release soon.

    This is going to be sooo awesome!

    I disagree about halflife aging poorly, though.. if you keep in mind WHEN it was made, it's still an absolutely brilliant game...

    I mean, that would be like saying Doom or Wolfenstein 3d were completely useless with how old THEY are...

    How do some people have such trouble appreciating something just because it's a little bit older...

    Its been so long without news. C'mon guys, release it! It looks amazing!

    Wasn't it released about 12 years ago? And people are still playing it? I know I am.

    And I'll defiantly get this too.

    It's only aged poorly as people say because people are such graphics whores nowadays

    tho HL2 will probably last longer because Graphics card leaps and bounds have slowed down now

    Which i believe is in part due to the consoles wanting to last more than 5 years as well as the technological constraints

      It's not just about graphics, it's about interactivity and options and gameplay.
      The industry and game design has evolved since HL was released, largely building on the ground broken by the revolutionary title.
      It's still a good title, it just doesn't have some of the gameplay features newer games have like integrated tutorials, interactive environments and realistic physics.

        I'm fairly sure Half Life 2 has some of the most realistic physics and as for interactive environments, the gravity gun.

    Very, very excited about this. Half-life is one of my all time favourite games, I've played it more times than I can count.

    It looks like, when this game comes out, i'm due for another half-life marathon (play HL, HL2, HL2 ep 1 + 2 all in a row!)

    All right I'm gonna play devil's avocado here and say that this might not be as amazing as people are expecting. Fan remakes/total conversions/updates in my experience have almost kind of spoiled my nostalgia and memories of the original. For example the Doom HD remakes... I don't know why the hell you would desecrate such a beautiful game with modern graphics. Maybe it isn't the same for Half Life considering it wasn't sprite based of course, but still, I would go into this with caution. I loved the original Half Life, and I have also played it to death... why change it? It's like colouring old black and white movies... you're kind of spoiling it.

    Also, forgive me if this is a stupid observation... but what about Half Life Source, the official Valve one? Hasn't this already been done to some extent?


        Hyper-mathematically... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYniD_fNUzc

      All Half-Life source was, was putting HalfLife in Steam with some upgraded water effects. This is a complete revamp.

    Been waiting sooo long for this.

    I already have plans to play this and then HL2 and Eps 1 and 2.

    Who knows, maybe Ep3 will be done before this...

    Hey Kotaku you know this was actually a leak of a not so current version of the current build by one of the arts members. The other Devs seem to be taking it pretty well, but i'd say they're pretty pissed about the quality of presentation in this leak. People will be mixed with it, but at the same time it has been confirmed alot of the stuff in these shots may or may not be the final assets as presented. All in all its good to see some stuff on it, but it'd have been better with some class in how it was done.

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