Halfbrick's Fruit Ninja Casually Sells Another Million

Three months ago, Brisbane-based Halfbrick studios announced they had sold one million copies of the massively successful iPhone game Fruit Ninja. And despite the likes of Veggie Samurai popping up, it's taken just as much time to bring another million into the ninja fold. To celebrate, they've sent some anecdotal statistics.

It took just 74 days for Fruit Ninja to sell its first million, and another 78 days after that to get its second. That's 24,342,983,809 pieces of fruit sliced worldwide, and by Halfbrick's calculations, over 10 million tonnes of fruit.

The average high score for a Fruit Ninja player is 196.60, whereas true ninja masters can double that. The Zen mode has an average high score of 194.68, whereas the best players can achieve 220-230 within the mode's time limit.

Fruit Ninja was slow to get on Android, allowing others to capitalise on the gameplay formula, and even on the App Store copycats have sprung up. It's good to see that hasn't damaged the Fruit Ninja brand in any irreversible way. Halfbrick, always looking forward, are onto the next thing anyway with Monster Dash, which is looking just as successful (and probably more addictive):


    Why is it so hard to come up with a iPhone app that's original and addictive. Ah well, guess I'll have to continue with indie games on PC.

    How about some stats on how much money they make per game sold ?

      70% of the sale price pre-tax? I have no idea post-tax but if you took a rough say 30% tax rate and do some super rough maths, it's approx $1million USD.

      Of course they also have the iPad version and that is $5USD so who knows what the percentages is for that on the total number.

    I'd buy an iPhone 4 just for this game!

    Nice to see an error on the leaderboard lol

    Ah finally recognition as a true ninja master...447 points on original and 250 on zen... :o)an evil and addictive game.

      Haha my friend is a ture ninja master on zen mode he got 317 and is ranked like 50 in the world.

    Who needs a game to pretend to slice fruit?

    i slice fruit with my hair.

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