Halo: Reach Campaign Matchmaking To Begin Early Next Month

Halo: Reach will support co-operative campaign matchmaking, you just haven't seen the feature yet because Bungie doesn't want people getting the story spoiled on the first mission they play.

But in a couple of weeks, there should be enough of a gap since release that most folks will have seen the campaign plot points on their own already, Bungie writes in its weekly update. Expect the playlists to come in early October on the first matchmaking update for reach. Other game types and Forge maps will be available as well.

That said, the potential for spoilers still exists if you hook up with a more advanced team. Missions may be vetoed like any map in standard multiplayer, but if the majority overrules your desire to play a part of the campaign well ahead of your singleplayer progress, you'll have no choice to bail out before it begins.

In summary, "If you're worried about spoilers make sure you finish campaign before jumping into this playlist!" Bungie writes.

No specific date was given, just "early October."

Bungie Weekly Update 9.17.10 [Bungie]


    I'm really enjoying the campaign, am playing it co-op with a friend, which means we have to wait until the end of the week to push through the next levels. Great fun,. and leaves you in anticipation all week. So hard not to just play single player in between, and just peek at the next level...

    I finished it on the weekend and the Campaign is definitely worth playing through and experiencing without spoilers. I kept wondering when it'd end, as it is the story of the fall of Reach, but I've gotta say they did an excellent job of making it both the start of it all and the final chapter in the Halo series (Well, at least in Bungie's Halo series :P).

    Co-op is the best feature of the game IMO. I'm really not the biggest halo fan, but the fact that it has such a robust co-op will keep me playing for a long time to come.

    Finished my normal play through so I could review it and I'm now halfway through Legendary.

    Legendary is mental hard, it erodes the soul and leaves you exhausted, every fight with an Elite is like a mini boss battle and the site of a pair of Hunters is enough to make you crap your pants. It's taking about 90 minutes on average to complete each level in Legendary.

      Good luck on the flight mission! The sight of 4 Hunters in ONE room frightened me on Normal. It wasn't until I saw the rockets in the middle of the room when I drew a sigh of relief.

      Oh yeah,this was on Normal and the first thing I thought when I saw them was what it would be like on Legendary.

      Can't wait!

        I just used the Active Camo AA I got at the beginning of the level to run past them. Fuck that, especially on Legendary.

      Completed it on legendary a couple of days ago by myself, there were only two parts that were quite difficult, and the part with the hunters mentioned ^^^^ is actually fairly easy, use a grenade to blow of their back shells then use a scoped drm and you can take them all easily.

      Playing it with my little brother on Legendary and when he's not around I do the missions on Heroic.

    I finished it on Legendary with all the skulls on, solo and there was several parts that drove me insane.

    Had 3 days off work didnt sleep and only finished 2 hours before i had to get to work on the 3rd day.

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