Halo: Reach DLC Tipped?

The achievement set for Halo: Reach lists 49 achievements for a total Gamerscore of 1000. That there screen, in the latest Bungie Weekly Update, adds 10 cheevs and 250 Gamerscore. DLC inbound?

This image came from an item on installing Halo: Reach to the Xbox 360's hard drive (Bungie says the game has been optimised for this.) There's no official (or other) mention of DLC on the site.

Bungie Weekly Update: 09/24/10 [Bungie, thanks Gabriel Z.]


    Bet you ten bucks they developed whatever maps and stuff they are adding while making the rest of the game.

    Cheap bastards.

    My guess; Jun Mission Pack, escort Dr Halsey to an extraction point, maybe one to three quick levels. A handful of new armor pieces. 1-3 Multi-player map packs.

    $15 (US).

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