Happy 121st Birthday, Nintendo!

Irrational Games was founded in 1997. Lucasarts in 1982. Sega in 1940. Each of those three companies may feel like old-timers relative to their field, but they've got nothing on Nintendo, which today celebrates its 121st birthday.

Yes, it was on September 23, 1889 that Fusajiro Yamauchi founded a company that at the time specialised in the humble playing card and would later dabble in everything from toys to taxis before deciding - wisely - to settle in the 1970s on making video game consoles and software.

It'd be silly to assume the company will be around in another 121 years time, when for all we know we could all be toiling in an underground salt mine for our new alien (or robot!) overlords, but hey, if anyone was going to be able to adapt and survive to see the age of 242, it'd be Nintendo.

Happy birthday guys!


    Happy B-day, Nintendo!

    I randomly found that building while wandering around in Kyoto a couple of years ago. I had seen pictures of that plaque before so recognised it and was blown away to find it on a drab, grey two-storey building with no other signage. It was in a quiet road in an old residential area near the river. There wasn't a soul around. It was a pretty sobering moment comparing that building to the Nintendo of today.

    Seam a bit exited about having Robot overlords there.

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