Haunted House Then And Now

How do you bring a 1982 Atari 2600 survival horror game up to date? Developer ImagineEngine and Atari show us how in a series of then and now images for the upcoming sequel to Haunted House.

We've come a long way from the plotted blocks of the Atari 2600 days. That's the clear message I get from these screenshots showing the original Haunted House next to the recently revealed sequel to Haunted House for Xbox Live Arcade, Wii and PC from ImagineEngine. While the new game is by no means cutting edge, it's certainly a far cry from a pair of square eyes wandering through monochrome levels.

Still, the eyes do make an appearance, if only to help players traverse the darkness in the family-friendly update. I probably would have gone for a more mature theme myself, but then I was nine when the original came out and like to think I've matured a bit since then.


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