This should be mandatory for all contestants of all reality TV shows, IMO. And also for some of the hosts.

    What was funny, is that she was told to finish, rather than seek medical attention!


    lol, that was was perfect, the snap of the next also...

    I'm quite surprised that it didn't knock her completely out or seem to show any swelling, etc..

    thats the kinda thing that would happen on total drama island

      So so true.

    Shite that looks painful

      ....but really funny!

        In a funniest home videos way... maybe.

          It's funny because it's not happening to me or anybody that I know and care about :)

    Lucky it was going so fast. Slower and the only thing that would have broken would have been her nose.

    I am questioning the freshness of those watermelons. Do they really smash that easy? I would have thought it wouldn't have broken. I am surprised about the lack of blood to be honest.

      I'd imagine that the initial fling forward and back would have fractured the shell making it break easier...and why would you ruin perfectly good watermelons? =P

        Did you watch the video at all, Thats justification right there.


    ahahahha i love it

    Or for the amusing animated gif version:


    The end of the ad leaves me wondering if Kevin Butler is going to get involved.

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