Heavy Rain Becomes PlayStation Move Game Next Week

Next week, September 22 to be exact, Quantic Dream's psychological murder mystery Heavy Rain magically transforms from vanilla PlayStation 3 game to thrilling, motion-controlled PlayStation Move game.

Alright, alright. It's not magic. It's just a free software update that will add PlayStation Move controller support to the already released PS3 exclusive. Just boot up Heavy Rain and you'll be prompted to update. What might be a minor inconvenience for those of us with Move will likely be a good excuse to play through the game again (or at least a level or two). An opportunity to recall, "Oh, so [SPOILER]was the killer all along!"

This is what Heavy Rain played with a PlayStation Move controller looks like. And based on some hands-on time with the motion-controlled version of the game, this is what we thought about the change.

To see if this Heavy Rain Move party is all it's cracked up to be, Sony will be releasing a demo of the motion controlled version on September 28 via the PlayStation Store.

Heavy Rain on PlayStation Move Comes 9/22 [PlayStation.blog]


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