Her Hair Is All Fantasy Fantasy

Canadian electropop singer Lights got a new haircut. Look familiar? It is.

"Anyone that thinks I wouldn't get my hair cut like Lightning from Final Fantasy xiii doesn't know me," the popstar tweeted.

She's a big gamer, it seems - with the World of Warcraft tattoo-age to prove it. She even met her boyfriend in World of Warcraft.

Anyone that thinks I would... [Twitter][Pic]


    This. Is. Not. Gaming. News.

      I dunno; I don't mind this.

      It's not? A celebrity openly admitting that her new hairstyle is based on a style exclusively owned by a video game character is unrelated to gaming?

      Couldn't agree more. Any random guy could smoosh his hair around and look like some misc jrpg character. Will that be considered gaming news too?

      Also, she didn't dye it pink, therefore, fail (yes, I realise it says "hair cut", not "cut and colour").

      Kotaku covers everything gaming related... Don't tell me this isn't gaming related. C'mon, they did a week of comparing beards in the gaming industry, as well as sleeve tattoos.

      Regardless I find this interesting - props to her on le haircut.

        No offense, but if you find this 'news' ___interesting___, perhaps you need a hobby.

          Considering this is kotaku I'd guess he dose have at least one hobby. Gaming. It's an example of how games are growing to have influence over larger demographics. Also, *Points to NotoriousR's comment \/

          -Will Wiggins, spokesman for Serious Business on the Internet.


      No it's not. That's why it's under culture, not news.


    Thats....kinda like saying I shave my head to look like Cole from Infamous...

    I would never have guessed it was meant to look like anything other than a regular haircut if she didnt mention it.

    ah well.

    She is hot.
    She made a gaming reference.
    Nerds like hot chicks that reference games.

    This is why it is on Kotaku.
    If you dont like it dont read it.....

      I liked the bit where you assumed all Kotaku readers are heterosexual male nerds. Good job there.

        I liked the part were you assume that i was ONLY talking about heterosexual male nerds.......

    As an SA Goon and a long-time reader of Kotaku, I was both disappointed and very amused by their fake Kotaku-riffing article.


    They're right. Poo like this isn't worth making a post over. A girl holds a DS or like games and it's suddenly news? No wonder people look at gamers like a bunch of losers with all the subtlety of a 13 year old in heat. No wonder people like Olivia Munn are making lots of money playing people by pandering to what gamers 'like'. It's disingenuous in the extreme and pathetic.

      Disclaimer: I've followed Kotaku for ages and have no intention of stopping but posts like this are the reason the blog's a joke.

      This place has some of the best exclusive material and kooky news but posts like this just let it down. Bashcraft is possibly the worst offender in this regard, everyone in SA thinks Kotaku's all about posting pictures of $500 anime statues with panties.

    i think this is why we need a new editor - fark

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