Here Are Some Dead Or Alive Nintendo 3DS Screens

Tecmo Koei is bringing its Dead or Alive fighting series to the Nintendo 3DS. Hello, three-dimensional jiggly fighting!

The game, which has been known only as "Dead or Alive 3D" until now, will be called "Dead or Alive Dimensions". This is the first fighting-game entry in the Dead or Alive series since Dead or Alive 4, which released in late 2005.

Dead or Alive: Paradise, a port of mini-game title Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2, was released earlier this year on the PSP.

The Dead or Alive series was created by Tomonobu Itagaki, who has since left Tecmo.


    These screens don't come any bigger do they?

    Well, from what I can see from these tiny screens it looks graphically nice - like a standard PS2 game. (Better than Super Street Fighter IV 3D, maybe?) Never played a DOA game so I can't say much about the gameplay but at least these screens show some promise as far as the 3DS' hardware goes...

    (By the way, anyone else seeing Hwoarang in that bottom-right screen?)

    The characters' face looked a bit weird and flat...

    Expect the perverts at Team Ninja to work around the clock to squeeze every last voxel of boob out of that 3DS screen.

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