Here Is The Halo: Reach Briefcase Edition

We got Halo: Reach today in a silver briefcase. I took it the roof for an unbriefcasing video, guest-starring the distant Empire State Building and a blimp. This is really just the standard edition plus doodads plus briefcase.

You can't buy the briefcase edition, because it's just a mailing method for press to get them to post unbriefcasing videos or something. Halo: Reach will be released officially next week. We'll have a review over the weekend.


    That's pretty cool. -I'd be happy if I just got the brief case since I'm already getting the game.

    Ordere the non-legendary special one from the UK, ~AUS$80. I can wait a week to save like 30 bucks.

      Will you feel sheepish when- as happened with ODST- the game is immediately dropped to $79 at launch?

    Wow thanks for rubbing it in our face and not even sounding happy that you got the game for free which heaps of extra shizz.

    I wouldn't mind that actually :)
    Some interesting goodies there.

    asshat's i want a briefcase edition thats not fair

    wtf was the key for?

    press always get the good stuff, bit of a rip if you ask me

    I'd buy it for the special Halo: Reach foam.

    Got a call from Harvey Norman today saying that they couldn't get the Legendary Edition for me (and for a few other people apparently); kinda pissed but mainly disappointed ಥ╭╮ಥ

    That's what I get for taking my sweet time pre-ordering, though. *kicks self*

    ...So what I'm really commenting on is: BRIEFCASE EDITION NOW PLS *makes grabby hands*

    Gee way to sound ungrateful. Not everyone gets things for free not to mention something as rare as this. Maybe you should be a little more appreciative.

    What do all these people who want him to sound more grateful expect him to do? Piss his pants and turn cartwheels? It's his job ffs.

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