A Guy In A Vacuum Bag Playing Mario Kart

Every time I think I would really enjoy spending some quality time in Japan, I see something like this, and then I just don't know.

What can I really say about this?

What can anyone say, other than "Don't do this, it is a really bad idea." My mother spent a good 15 years keeping my head out of normal plastic bags, and here's a guy not only putting one on his head, he gets encased in it and has a friend vacuum the air out.

I give up trying to understand anything, ever.

There's a full version of the original video, which shows the player nearly suffocating. It might not be safe for work? Who knows anymore?

Mario Kart Asphyxiation [LiveLeak via edome - Thanks Morris!]


    This video causes me to ask, 'why isn't the human race already extinct?'

      Its because we also like sex a lot... but that's our only saving evolutionary trait IMO. :P


    That boggles the mind, crazy Japaneses

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