Here's What Ico & Shadow Of The Colossus Look Like In HD


    I'm hoping for 60fps.

      It'll be locked in at 30fps.

      Already confirmed as 30fps, I'm afraid.

    30fps has already been confirmed, sorry.

    They don't look THAT good, really. SotC looked nicer when I emulated it in 1080p on my PC.

    That's alright, It's better off being locked at 30fps instead of keeping the original frame rate. Also thank you NotoriousR, M.Garling and Thomas Fulton for confirming it so quickly.

    These images look pretty nice. I'm hoping that the gameplay itself would be much smoother for SotC because I remember there being frame rate issues. And I do believe that SotC has some of the most amazing lighting in video games.

      Framerate issues? I though the game was "suppose" to look like a slide show, :P

      Just kidding by the way. I like the game and one day, I'll finish it.

    *sigh* looks like I might have to buy me a PS3.

    It doesn't really look liek they're putting much effort into the "HD-ing" of these games. Are they just texture updates? It would be nice if they threw a few more polys at the main character meshes and colossi

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