Hideo Kojima Wanted To Make A Complete Version Of Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid 4 is an epic game. But it's missing something. Rather, somethings. Those somethings are PlayStation Trophies, which the game does not support.

When asked via Twitter if he would make a "complete" version of Metal Gear Solid 4, MGS creator Hideo Kojima replied that he wanted to make a complete version of the game with Trophy support and 3D. But if he did that, then he and his team wouldn't have time to work on his upcoming game.

"Won't somebody make the complete version?" Kojima playfully asked. Well, won't somebody?

小島秀夫 [Twitter]


    I'm sure Microsoft would be happy to set a studio to work on it...!


    Trophies shmophies...

    That game was complete.

    Trophies do nothing for me in any game, I don't understand why/how people will discredit a game based on trophies.

    If he really wanted it, it would have been done by now...

    Even now though, it wouldn't be too late to provide the support for it... I'd buy in!

    screw the trophies. I'd have paid for extra DLC sneaking missions:) Hell, I'd even pay for more REX based missions:)

    There are achievements you can get on MGO, but yes, trophies do little for me.

    I'd like to see a re-release as he's done with the other games; not just a trophy patch or 3D, but extra content as well. As for no trophies, well, it's a shame, but now it means I can finally start get around to playing it on the boss extreme...

    MGS4 was more complete than most games could only ever dream of being... also, I hate trophies, they're just too clunkily implemented to care about.

    it was missing one thing, you couldnt run and gun. You only could shoot in first person.

      Umm... I think you're thinking of MGS2 or 3 maybe?

    one word, Substances.

    There's a snake in my boots.

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