Hold On: $US66 For A Halo: Reach Pre-Order Bonus?

Those who preordered Halo: Reach from GameStop got a code for a nifty suit of armour. This code was, technically, free. Some guy's been selling them on eBay, for close to and even more than the game's retail price.

"People want what they can't have," the seller, who has auctioned off codes before, told Hot Blooded Gaming.

The $US66 auction attracted 41 bids; another one netted $US57 on 22 bids. In all, he's sold 11 codes for the Halo: Reach "Mark V Mjolnir UA/Multi-Threat Configuration." He also sold codes for Mafia II's "War Hero" and "Vegas" pre-order bonuses, which also came from GameStop. We've all seen the stacks of cards these come on. Something suggests he may have gotten a fistful of extras.

Would You Pay $US66 For A Halo: Reach Pre-order Bonus Code? [Hot Blooded Gaming]


    thats nothing flaming helmet sold for AU$162.50

      Man those flaming helmets and the propensity of the community to vote for SWAT don't mix...

      Hoooooly crap. Wish I had a spare code to sell now - I'm staggered that someone would pay $162 for that. How ... I just don't understand. Although looking at the bid history, a 'new' user inflated the price from $90 to $160.

      I'm with Stinky too - I haven't worked out why people choose to wear it then vote SWAT. I'll happily blast your big flaming targets. That's why I don't wear it.

    Damn I did not even want that Armour.
    If I had thought I could get even $20...

    Wow... I haven't redeemed my legendary codes yet, wonder if it is worth trying ebay

      Wait, I just took the 2 seconds necessary to see the actual price it went for. EBAY HERE I COME!!!

    This is quite common. Blizzard Collector's Edition keys (just the keys, not even the actual physical goodies) go for quite a bit purely due to the exclusive pets. Same dealio goes with the TCG cards etc.

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