Hold Your Breath And Think Of Five Bearded Men

So my friends and I have undertaken the inevitable moustache-growing contest. Right now, I'm sporting about five days of completely full-faced unshaven stubble. But I'm wondering if I should spend all this growth on a Hulk Hogan-style Fu Manchu.

That's the goal of this contest, which assuredly I will win. I just don't think the style is ridiculous enough. So I figure when the gang gets together at the end of next month, I should throw a real wildcard. Hey, Owen's running the off-topic open thread, so it's the return of the poll! Alright, tell me what to do with my face.

Then feel free to start rabble-rousing or robble-robbling about whatever it is you talk about on the weekend around here. We've got more Tokyo Game Show 2010 stuff coming up too. And I'll see you guise in here tomorrow morning.


    One of the guys in my department has a similar style to The General B. and it's a hit with the ladies. I've just got some vintage chops (kind of Liev Schreiber in Wolverine).

    The more random the better, I say.

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