How Health Works In Diablo III

How Health Works In Diablo III

Think you can just stock up on healing potions to keep your character alive in Diablo III? Think again. Blizzard has released an in-depth guide to how health and healing help promote strategic play in the eagerly anticipated sequel.

Sure there are potions in Diablo III, but they are both rare and on a timer, so downing a bunch in quick succession is not an option. Certain classes have skills that can help restore health, but Blizzard says that these are specialised skills that require careful use and often incur consequences.

So how can you stay on your feet when the minions of hell are nipping at your heels? It’s all about the health globes.

You’ve seen them in videos and screenshots. If you’re one of the lucky folks to catch the game at a show, you’ve seen them in action. Health globes are little red glowing balls of healing goodness. Pick one up and your health goes up.

Killing a regular enemy has a percentage chance of dropping a weak health globe. These weak globes will be your primary means of staying alive in the harsh environs of Diablo III.

Rare and champion monsters will often drop medium-sized health globes once their health drops below a certain percentage, giving players back a large percentage of their health and keeping them in the fight.

The real strategy comes into play with boss monsters. Some boss monsters will drop large health globes when they take damage. Other bosses will spawn lesser enemies you can harvest for health globes at the cost of taking your attention away from the main fight. It’s up to you to determine when to risk going for health and when to play it safe.

It certainly sounds a great deal more engaging than simply clicking on the potion button over and over again. Check out the link below for more on how to keep breathing in Diablo III.

Health [Diablo III]


  • I am disappointed.
    why don’t they just cut the name of Diablo from it and call it something else. Diablo has been forever tarnished by the look of the game, and now they are removing elements that made the game what it was in the first place.

    • I might be wrong here but as a player of Blizzard games for the last decade I really think they know what they’re doing. Relax hombre.

    • How the hell does spamming potions “make a game”?

      Nothing in Diablo III has done anything except make the series more awesome than it ever has been. I’m so sick of the whiners, if you don’t like it, great. Don’t buy it, sit in your dark corner and play Diablo II till your carpel tunnel turns you in to a useless husk of a man.

      The rest of us will enjoy what is sure to be an amazing game. Blizzard are in no shortage of fans and most of your type are nothing but hot air, I’ll see you online launch day I’m 110% positive.

  • I dunno about this, I’m a big fan of the potion system. Torchlight took the ‘if it ain’t broke’ approach to potions and I loved it.

    I just feel too vulnerable not being able to control my health like i could in D2. I’ll have to see how this health globe system plays out for myself

    • i hate the “if its not broke dont fix it” idea, because publishers use it when deciding on which games to fund, the new and interesting IP or the sequel to a game that sold 3 million copies… sequal.

  • I never liked the idea that you cannot heal yourself because of an arbitrary timer instead of not healing yourself because you ran out of them. I liked Oblivion’s limitation, where it made you think that you couldn’t really gobble up a potion per second, and just limited how many potions you could simultaneously use, but I do not remember if Diablo had any potions that had a time period of effectiveness.

    Other than that, this is an intersting take to try and make the action more involving and take less time on thinking about potion numbers. Will it work as a good change for the Diablo series? That we will not know until a proper review it seems.

    • AGreed, if they were going to limit it it should have been like Oblivion.

      But there’s no reason to limit it, the dropped health system is used by platformers. If you have to click on every single health orb I’m going to cry, it better be like torchlight with money.

      That said, it’s hard to tell wether this will maek the game easier or harder. On one hand, you have to have more monsters to get more health but on the other hand they may not have very many so you’re left with jack.

  • Anyone play Lionheart? They had a system like this. It sucked. I know it’s probably gonna be implemented better but goddamn it ruined the entire game.

  • So wouldn’t luck play a part?
    You’re up against the boss that doesn’t spawn minions.
    He barely drops any globes and you thus die.
    Your mate playing beside you with the same character, stats, weapons etc is lucky and the boss drops a few more globes than what was the case for you, and he wins the same fight.
    Is this something that could happen, you reckon?

  • You then reload a save and try again?

    I’m sure that game designers don’t create these systems to frustrate people unfairly. Perhaps you’ll need to use a portion of actual skill and timing to win fights instead of having your hand held through a boss fight.

  • I have a solution, It’s called dropping loads of stat points into your vitality, geez, imagine when you people find out there’s no tp’s anymore. This is a dope addition to diablo for one, it’ll save cash and two it’ll make having to fight bosses and horde’s a matter of strategy not, tank and pot. I know my four left hand fingers will love blizzard for this.

  • Is there going to be life steal on weapons? At the very high levels in Diablo 2 It got pretty insane how fast your health would drop. I can’t wait to see how the new system works in this situation.

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