How Many Games Has Mario Sold?

The next time someone says the Modern Warfare or Halo series have sold a ton, point them towards a fat little plumber with a red hat.

Having made his first appearance as Jumpman (in Donkey Kong) nearly 30 years ago, Mario has since appeared in over 200 games. When you're in 200 games - and some of those are among the best of all time - you're going to sell some units, and Mario has definitely sold some units, Nintendo saying yesterday that over 240 million games featuring the pint-sized hero have been sold to date.

240. Million.


    I dare say a sizeable portion of this was due to CD-i games sales.

    Some of them are awesome, but the vast majority would be crapware.

    Sales really don't mean anything anyway - Madden can sell millions each year with a few name changes and Psychonauts & Ico disappear into retail obscurity.

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