How To Hump An Xbox 360

"Household Holes" is the internet's foremost journal of research into the means of kit-bashing, jury-rigging and misappropriating everyday items for, uh, pleasurable insertion. Don't ask me why I know this, I just read it for the articles.

In the past month, included with articles on the efficacy of toilet paper tubes, Gatorade bottles and Nalgene canisters, is a step-by-step how-to on converting your red-ringed Xbox 360 into a basic pleasure model. Handle bars are optional but suggested.

The Somewhat Improved Sex-Box [Household Holes]


    Ooh, now we just need someone to forward it to Fox News and say it's a new model being released by MS! :)

    Congrats Owen, you got a mention on their site! Explain that one to the in-laws!!

    So you have to poke your winky into a machine full of sharp metals?
    I'll pass.

    God help you if it red rings while you're using it...

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