How To Play Halo: Reach's Secret Warthog Racing Mini-game

Looking for a new way to spice up your Halo: Reach multiplayer experience? Already? Well, how about a lil' Warthog racing, a hidden mini-game dubbed "Reach Racer" for some high speed thrills?

Let the folks at Achievement Hunter show you how it's done. It's rather easy. Just activate two invisible switches on the Oni: Sword Base map, then sprint to the finish line, preferably rolling your Warthog a few times en route.

Is it the deepest of racing games? Not by a long shot. But with a small group, it might add minutes of fun to the already damn good Halo: Reach experience.

Halo: Reach - Oni Sword Base Easter Egg "Reach Racer" [YouTube via CVG]



    Awesome balls!

    Seems Bungie went all out on the cool easter eggs. Awesomesauce!

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