How To Sell Dead Rising 2 In Japan

Dead Rising may not be the hit in Japan it is overseas, but Capcom's ads for the home market are better than anything we've seen in the West for the game.

The first clip is the ad itself. The second is an out-take, posted only because that song is so damn catchy.


    What the hell was that...

    video not available :(

      It works for me in Chrome - what browser are you guys using? I'll forward this on.

        Using internet explorer (work computer) gets video not available a lot for me.

          IE is the worse browser of them all. If security is a big issue shouldn't work be using something/anything else?

          +1 to Chrome

    Video but no sound in firefox

    + 9000

    Yes, works in Firefoxx video but without sound

    Yeah Chrome works with it.

    No issues with either vid, on FF 3.6.3 :)

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