Hydro Thunder Hurricane Has A Tempest A-brewing

Developer Vector Unit is injecting a dose of downloadable content to its high speed motorboat racing game, Hydro Thunder Hurricane, with the forthcoming Tempest Pack. What's new for the sequel to Midway's classic racing game? Stuff!

Specifically, three new race tracks: the volcanic Atlantis, Atlantis, the stormy Bermuda Triangle, and the exploding barrel-filled Castle Von Boom. What else, besides ownership of a track named Castle Von Boom, might make you want to download this thing? Oh, well how about new Expert class boats?

Psyclone and Whiplash join the line-up, which is swell, but the Tempest Pack also transforms six Novice and Pro class boats into more bad-ass Expert class versions. There will also be fancy new skins for boats, perfect for the aesthetically concerned Hydro Thunder Hurricane player.

The developer claims it's "ratcheting up the level of insanity" with the new pack, which will be available in October. Crazy!!


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