Ico, Shadow Of The Colossus Confirmed For PS3 Re-release

The latest issue of Japanese games mag Famitsu confirms what we've been expecting for a long, long time: Team ICO's classic PlayStation 2 adventures Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are getting a HD makeover for the PlayStation 3.

Hardly a surprise. Team ICO and Sony have been talking about the possibility of a Team ICO collection for the better part of a year. Retailers have already started taking orders for a PS3 compilation. But Sony's making it official via Famitsu.

Unfortunately, the mag is light on details. Release date is still "undecided" and exactly how the HD re-release will be distributed is unclear. (Famitsu has two separate listings for each game, as opposed to the bundled release hinted at by retailers.)

We expect to hear more about the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus - and Team ICO's third game, The Last Guardian - later this week at the Tokyo Game Show.


    Ah the inevitably happens.

    *watches PS2 versions devalue themselves to $0*


    But on the plus side, HD ICO AND SHADOW! HELL YEAH! :D

      Suits me fine - sold em both for $250ish earlier in the year :)

      Have you actually tried to buy a PS2 copy of SotC recently? It's nigh on impossible, or if it is possible it's horrendously expensive. Bring on fresh media!

        GameTraders try to hawk new copies for $100. Sheesh!

          Supply vs demand. All good older games go way up in value as they become harder to get.

    Woo! I'll finally get a chance to play these games!


    HELLS YES. My day of homework is not boring anymore :), now I can revel in the fact I can play these again!

    Where can I has pre-order thiz cheezeburger??

    OMG I just squealed really loudly with this news! IO dont care if it's bundled, not bundled, on PSN, box only etc etc. I MUST have it!

    Pfft that's dumb, what a waste of time. Who wanted that? Everyone I know at school wants NBA 2K3 ported.

    Interesting. I personally never played these games on PS2 but heard how good they were. I'd be interested to pick up the re-release.

    My question is are they simply going to be God of War Collection style high def versions with essentially the same graphics or ground up remakes?

      They're just HD upgrades like God of War, but it's a bigger deal because, SoTC suffered frame rate issues from the PS2 hardware and both games were heavily compressed.

      These games in HD at 60fps (based on GOW collection), Will be an absolute joy to play.

    It will be interesting to see if they can reduce/remove the framerate issues that plagued Shadow. If they can do that i'll be getting myself a PS3 just to play it again.

    Guess I will actually have to buy a PS3 then :( Never played these games

    I've never played these games but I have heard good things about it.

    Both fantastic games, still love my original PS2 versions and will buy in again for these ones...

    ICO probably wins in which is better in my opinion.

    Overall, all the people that didn't get to play them, these aren't your standard blockbusters, so keep your expectations in check when you play them them the first time as I don't think they will be anything like you expected...

      Same here. Bought both titles brand new. Won't sell them because they've got some great memories associated with them. I will buy the compilation.

      It's hard for me to say which one is my favourite.

      ICO had some magical moments of exploration and puzzle solving, and the ending was nigh on perfect. That song at the end, along with the final cutscenes, still sends shivers down my spine. The sense of camaraderie felt for your companion is unmatched in any game I've played. Another World was close. Not surprisingly, as it was the inspiration for ICO.

      Shadow of the Colossus was brilliant with its exploration, but in a much different way than ICO. Some colossus fights were just plain extraordinary. Gameplay was unique, epic, and highly involving. The feeling of isolation and loneliness was stark. The sense of falling into darkness progressed as the game went on. It was tragic and beautiful. The ending, while not without its faults, was intriguing and shone a ray of hope into the darkness.

      I can't do it. I can't rate one higher than the other. It just doesn't seem possible to me. I can say that I will enjoy replaying both in high def.

    Got both, but never finished either. Split up with my GF who kept the PS2. Been delaying buying another one hoping for a PS3 re-release.

    I'll be pre-ordering this. And I'll be keeping the originals.

    I hope they keep the 'hazey' look, really added to to the atmosphere.

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