If Only There Was Official Halo LEGO

There is no official Halo LEGO. Instead, there is only Halo Mega Bloks, and no amount of fancy stop-motion animation will make that any easier to deal with.

I mean, look at this! It looks... OK, which for Mega Bloks, the poor man's LEGO, is a big deal!

[thanks John!]


    I have one of the spartans on my figure shelf :)

    this looks terrible

    Ive got the Scorpion an elite and a spartan

    I've got no interest in these terrible models.

    Robot Chicken...

    Robot Chicken, Robot Chicken...

    I've collected Lego for years and there's a very good reason why Mega Bloks will be a poor man's Lego. The bricks are cheap, low density and just feel greasy as hell. Their models have almost no thought put into them as well as other half-measures The Lego Group would never stoop to (plenty of cheap decals/stickers, many of which across several pieces etc)


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