In Which Samus Aran Jumps On Stage And Takes Her Clothes Off

Sorry if that sounds a little crass, but recently Metroid star Samus Aran took to the stage during a burlesque show in Los Angeles, and that's exactly what she did.

The lady under the armour is performer Courtney Cruz, who is part of Devil's Playground, the same group behind other evenings of male nerd wish fulfilment like "Video Game Girls Take Their Clothes Off" and "Star Wars Girls Take Their Clothes Off".

This being a burlesque show, and not a strip show, things are kept relatively tasteful, but still, the basic point remains this is a show about women taking most of their clothes off, so if you're at work or there are wee ones around, might want to save it for later.

Ladies of Sci-Fi Burlesque: Pris from 'Blade Runner,' Aeon Flux, Ripley from 'Alien' & More [LA Weekly]


    great gameplay screens..a must buy!

    That's a horrible samus suit! something wrong with me?

      Looks closer to the NES version of the suit.

    wow nintendo sure went far with the 3DS, never seen Samus look so realistic.

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