iPhone's New Game Center Might Not Work On Your Phone

Apple's Game Center app, the social gaming software that adds friends lists, matchmaking and unified multiplayer gaming, arrives this week with the release of iOS 4.1. Now the bad news: not every iPhone and iPod Touch will support it.

Apple notes on its newly launched Game Center page that owners of the original iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPhone 3G will be left out of the matchmaking, achievement-gathering and friends list-perusing party. Game Center officially supports these devices only.

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPod touch 2nd generation
  • iPod touch 3rd generation
  • iPod touch 4th generation

That's not too surprising given the rise in apps that no longer support the iPhone 3G. The device is more than two years old, after all, positively ancient in Apple Years. Still, sucks for us iPhone 3G owners who'd like to whore for Angry Birds achievements.

Game Center support for the iPad will launch later this year with the release of iOS 4.2.


    I wanted an iPhone, but it's shit like this that stops me from ever buying one. I can't afford to pay for new versions every two years, it's too quick.

    It almost seems every 6-12 months old Steve jobs brings something out for people to waste their money on and makes Apple a good profit.

    i have a 3GS because i waited because knowing apple the second the new iphone is released the newer one is already 20% in dev

      20%? More like the prototype is already been made somewhere in Asia.

    So by their standards my 3 year old iPhone 2g is pretty much a rock? 3 years isn't that long in phone life but I think Apple wants me to buy an iPhone 4, meh I'll wait till I see an Android phone I like

      3 years isn't that long in phone life?! Wow, I can't seem to find a phone that lasts the lengths of a standard 24 month contract, let alone above and beyond that. That's why there are so many $0 phone bundles when you go network shopping these days-- and they aren't necessarily old models.

      I've been changing up phones seemingly every 18 months, and though my iPhone seems like the first one to break that trend (looks as if it'll do the full distance), a 3 year lifetime on a phone is a very good one.

      Crap, you have to replace your PC/coffee machine/microwave every 3 years these days, I think you better start counting your lucky stars.

        The point is, it's not like the iPhone 3G is physically incapable of running iOS, it's just Apple is enforcing a planned obsolescence by preventing them from using the new OS.

        An update for iPhone 3G (etc) costs Apple almost nothing and will help breathe new life into these devices, but they're making a very conscious choice to exclude them. To push customers into upgrading to stay relevant (double dipping in a customer's pocketbook)

        From a company that discretely tampers with their device chargers to make them incompatible with the next generation (thus forcing customers to pay another $50 for the newest charger), I'm not surprised.


    I am constantly amazed at how so-called geeks still complain about the prices of both mobile phones and games, when they are in real terms cheaper than ever.

    Even comparing my 2 iPhone 3G contracts from launch, I will be SAVING about $60 per month for more service now that I have upgraded to iPhone4, and EACH plan is at least $30 cheaper per month than 6 years ago to get a Nokia 3650 with its prehistoric plan.

    I guess I'm just a technophilic sucker.

      6 years ago was before the Recession. You're completely neglecting the vast economic changes that have occurred since then. On top of tech life cycles.

      With more people ditching landlines altogether, economies of scale and developed infrastructure, Data is now cheaper than ever for Telecom companies. I'm surprised plans aren't CHEAPER than what they are now. They're appeasing consumers by throwing us a bone with their superficially better-value plans while laughing all the way to the bank.

      So yeah, you kinda are a technophilic sucker.

    It's extra work to make software work on old and new hardware.

    If everyone kept their old phone and wanted to buy new software for it, developers would make it.

    Fact is the bulk of the market do move up to the new model. That's why the software follows them.

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