Irony Of The Future

Veteran game designer Dave Perry predicts a flaw in the possible plans for PlayStation 4, Wii 2 and Xbox Whatever, not that the backer of streaming gaming service Gaikai doesn't have a vested interest in disc-free gaming. (Via Dperry Twitter)


    Damn digital Distribution... I like to own my game...Hard Drives Pack it in and then what?

    Hope they remember which ones you bought so you can re-download them?
    "sorry sir, we seem to have no record of you purchasing that game."

      what on earth are you on about

      digital distribution you do own your game if the HDD packs it in you just re-download it

      could be a good use for that NBN thing one side of the govt's been yapping on about :P

      I cannot think of a single system that doesn't know what you've purchased if it has a system beyond a browser and then the other is don't delete the reciept they email you

      I see you've never used Steam? I've switched computers several times and, it still allows me to re-download and play all the games linked to my account. Blizzard's new Battlenet works much the same way, link all the games you own to your account, and you can always update/modify and download from their server.

        What happens if Steam stops one day? I know it's unlikely but what do you do?

        You are far more trusting than I.

          That's always a potential risk to cloud-based services. But the convenience outweighs the small chance it may occur.

          When it comes to data being lost in the cloud, a games collection is one of the low-end of what we should be worrying about. Danger Sidekick in the US had a similar crisis last year when they lost all their clients' data (contact lists, messages, emails etc) during a server overhaul.

          I already trust web-based services with my credit card information, email, professional information etc. And Steam has worked without a hiccup for me so far.

    I'm less bothered by the "packed in hard drive" issue, since I'm sure you could download your game again. Although it would raise some pretty big legal/PR issues for Sony, MS etc when banning PSN/XBL accounts don't just cost you your trophies, but your entire games collection possibly worth thousands of dollars.

    But my major concern with all-digital distribution is that it marks the death of retail competition in the games industry. So you can say goodbye to discounted games at JB, Big W, the EB and Game sales etc, and say hello to full RRP on pretty much everything. It'll be like having to shop at EB (without their price matching policy) all the time.

      what he said ^

      This too is my concern. After seeing the horror of Sony's PSN PSP store, and knowing that their digital downloads are more expensive than buying retail UMD copies (due to Sony's greedy/monopoly), I'm still unsure of how a pure digital system works.

      I hope that there will simply be more services like Steam available, which fosters competition. Ultimately, customers will vote for their wallets (Sony's failed PSPGo is proof of that), everyone has their price and if it's too high, distributors will suffer too.

      As hard as it say to say, piracy does have its positive effects, one of which is, it introduces an artificial threshold in the pricing spectrum, and gives distributors a tightrope to walk. The more distributors take advantage of their audiences, the more people will simply put their foot down.

        Currently there are a few digital distribution platforms out there apart from steam. Just on my computer i have steam and impulse, and even EA have their own platform. It will really only get worrying if publishers only release on certain platforms.

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