Is The Nintendo 3DS Too Expensive?

Nintendo has priced the Nintendo 3DS, it's 3D-glasses-free portable, at ¥25,000. That is the equivalent of US$298. Forget the crummy exchange rate for a moment, because the pricing could be different for the West.

The real question is how the Nintendo 3DS stands up to the pricing of other Nintendo handhelds.

The Nintendo DS launched in 2004 and was originally priced at ¥15,000. This was followed up by the Nintendo DS Lite in 2006. It was originally priced at ¥16,800.

Nintendo then launched the Nintendo DSi in 2008 and originally priced it at ¥18,900. This was followed by the Nintendo DSi XL in 2009. It was originally priced at ¥20,000.

In the wake of the upcoming Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo has since reduced the prices of the handhelds it currently offers. However, the company's portable pricing continues to climb and climb. Granted, its handheld gaming devices have gotten increasingly complex.

For the sake of argument, the Nintendo Game Boy was initially priced at ¥12,800. The Game Boy Pocket was priced at ¥6,800 as was the Game Boy Light. The Game Boy colour was ¥8,900 at launch, and the Game Boy Advance was ¥9,800. Meaning? That the Game Boy Advance in 2001 actually cost less at launch than the original Game Boy in 1989.

The Nintendo 3DS is going to launch at the same price that the Nintendo Wii did back in 2006. The Nintendo 3DS might print money. It also costs a lot of it.


    I think it's expensive, but I don't think it's too expensive to be able to sell millions of them for what it is.

    I just don't think it's going to have the "mum" market willing to buy them for christmas as much as the original ds's did. There's the risk of breaking it, and parents bought the wii as a family item at that price point not just for one person (obviously this isn't the case for everyone, but that's how many families came to own one.)

    I am thinking it will be $350 Aus, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is $400.

    And I still think it would be worth either of those prices, considering all it's features and not to mention it does come bundled with the Augmented Reality game/s.

    EB Games has it priced at $348 for us Aussies.

      with the right games, they would have me at $350

      No, that's the approximate price.

      Its been like that for a while, it's just a placeholder. Nothing to actually confirm to us it will be that place, they're just estimating the price.

        Price* God damn typos.

    You can't just look at pricing throughout history and go 'WHELP, THE GBA DEBUTED CHEAPER THAN THE NORMAL GB, NINTY ARE MONEYGRUBBING!' you have to consider the various economic factors involved.

    Can anyone thing of what was happening around 1989 when the GB game out? That's right, Japan was at the height of it's 'bubble economy' which drove the prices of pretty much everything right up the wall. In 2001, the bubble had burst, this explains the discrepancy.

    Things get more expensive over time, it's just how things work. Have a look at it this way:

    The 3DS has an absolute crapload more features than the DSi, and Is selling for only 7,000 more yen (5,000 if you count the XL)

    This being said, given Australia's HORRENDOUS electronic's import tax, we're looking at $350 min, but more likely $400, which is a bit of a strain on the ole hip pocket. I can buy two wii's for that!

    wow, i'd rather go buy another playstation or something :>

    About the same price as my iPod Classic, and I have the feeling I'll be using the 3DS a lot more. I'm still using my DS Phat bought at launch. If the 3DS can last me 6 years as well, then it's money well spent.

      This is me as well. I haven't bought a new DS since my Phat (which I still play), so I'm more than willing to upgrade.

      I probably wouldn't be saying that if I had bought a DSi in between, though.

    I dont think it will be as successful as its 2 immediate predecessors, first off its already the price of a modern netbook , low end PC or Home console, not to mention the worsening state of the global recession especially in the US, (biggest single market) and the notion that a lot of ppl already have the original and wouldnt want to upgrade in this climate.

    No glasses 3D in a handheld. Nuff said.


        I think this alone will make people forget the pricetag when they finally see it in person. +1

    I think it's a clever step.
    First collect from all the rich guys at opening(let's say 289$), then collect from the rich guys that gift their girlfriends at easter, then make a price drop in October 2011 to 239$ and collect from all the parents for christmas.

    I was going to get one of these at launch but now I think I'll wait to it falls to $200

    If the back catalogue support is there in the form of virtual console, and they actually provide a substantial amount of it at launch I think the price is justified.

    Regardless of new content the 3DS might provide.

    With LovePlus on the system, these will be flying off the shelves in Japan at least XD

    Easily one of the best launch line ups i have seen for a along time in a platform. Looks to me like it has strong third party support as well as the usual ninty favourites is going to ensure that it is going to sell a ton at launch in March and then another ton come november-december 2011.

    Nintendo won't be any price drop until PSP2 release date is set....

    We should boycott 3DS until the drop the price

    I'll get it when it has worthwhile games that aren't remakes and aren't available on my other consoles. In other words, I'll get it when it's cheaper than it's starting price.

    As a poor uni student, these estimations of 400 dollars makes me sad. I thought 300 was reasonable, but 400 is steep. I can buy a 360 for that amount.

    I'll still buy it, but I'm just a bit disappointed with the estimated price for now. Time to start saving.

    $400 is far too much to pay, considering that nearly all console SDKs of Wii/360/PS3 are around that or cheaper.

    It really boggles the mind, because we now KNOW that Nintendo deliberately went with rather humble hardware specs to ostensibly keep costs down (what they did with the DS and Wii, their costs definitely gave them an edge against the competitors).

    But $400 pricing is ridiculous. Like they just went optimistic, testing the glass ceiling. The cynic in me knows they'll still sell millions and cause riots, giving them no incentive to lower it either...

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