Is This Is The Worst Bundle Item Ever?

Online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV has several collector's editions. Included in one of them in the Japanese version is a Final Fantasy XIV drinking cup. Don't expect to drink much from it. You can't.

According to the box that the cup comes in:

Do not fill the product with the following materials as they may cause damage: Items including salt and solid materials, carbonated beverages, milk or other dairy beverages, fruit juices, etc.

So that means water is OK? Water, tea and... air. Mmm... air. Sounds like a versatile cup.

Other blogs have pointed out that the made-in-China cup was dirty and even has scratches. This Final Fantasy XIV cup is part of a collector's edition bundle that is priced at ¥9480 ($117).

『ファイナルファンタジーXIV』に付いてくるタンブラーが使えない [ガジェット通信]


    who buys this crap nowadays anyway? all this useless over priced swag

    ...A cup? Really? This shit is getting ridiculous.

      But...but it's a final fantasy cup D:

    And i bet anything these will still sell out because OMG ITS GOT A CUP

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