Is This Teaser Site For Valkyria Chronicles 3?

The first Valkyria Chronicles game was set in an alternative version of Europe in the year 1935. Could this Japanese teaser site with "Code 1935" in its URL be for Valkyria Chronicles 3?

Sega has apparently registered "", leading many to believe that the Japan-based game company was working on another entry in the Valkyria series.

The countdown clock ends on September 16, which is when the Tokyo Game Show begins.

Code 1935 [Official Site]


    Come oooooooon, PS3.

      Agreed, so very much.

    I think that's a fairly safe bet. I'm with you Cerzel, this had better be on PS3, I'd rather not have to bust out the PSP ever again after VC2.

    This better be on the PS3!!! I don't have a PSP so I've missed out on VC2, but I've got the first game and it's an absolute gem!!!

    Please Sega please please please bring this to PS3!!! :)

    Has to be VC. It has the Edelweiss and the whole cast silhouetted. But yes, PLEASE PS3!

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