It's Dangerous To Go Alone (In This Neighbourhood)

Link battles graffiti in an unidentified urban landscape. Seen via Twitter by reader Corey S.


    Fairly certain that's in Melbourne, since I have a amte who lives there who excitedly sent me a picture of herself standing next to it...

    There was (still is? not sure) a Link similar to this on a Melbourne wall, near RMIT's uni bookshop in a small laneway.

    Actually, a quick google search shows it's the same one, which was featured on Kotaku way back in 2006:

      The really strange part for me is the original photo was mine, despite not even knowing kotaku existed back then.

      shhhh! that's one of our spliff alleys

    Yeah, that's a great piece of art found in Melbourne at the top end of little Latrobe street. Yep,near RMIT...its been there as long as i can remember, and I'm old. the current state of the piece is actually pretty sad, the ageing process has hit it hard it needs restoration!

    here is a photo i took of it when i was last in melbourne.

    Its by Ghostpatrol,

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