iTunes Store Rejects The Onion's Face-Shooting Joke App

Remember "Close Range"? The Onion's violent video game satire got a web-based Flash game after its hilarious introduction in April, and soon the satirical publication began work on an iPhone app. Until Apple killed the fun, of course.

GameSetWatch reports that Close Range, the "hotly anticipated video game in which players repeatedly shoot people point-blank in the face", ran afoul of the App Store's violent content guidelines. Watching the video, that's not hard to imagine. The Onion "has since revised the game and re-submitted it," says GameSetWatch.

Apple won't allow "apps portraying realistic images of people or animals being killed or maimed, shot, stabbed, tortured or injured". Given that the punchline depends on graphic violence I'm not sure how much more they can edit this concept before it looses its oomph.

If nothing else, this censorship controversy definitely proves that Close Range is "the most important game of the year"! Has California heard about this yet?

Apple Rejects The Onion's 'Shoot People Point-Blank In The Face' Game [GameSetWatch]


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