James Bond's Blood Stone Adventure In Istanbul

Bizarre Creations' take on seminal super spy James Bond is looking better, bigger and just more Bond-like. Or so my recent hands-off time with the cinematic action game James Bond 007: Blood Stone at Gamescom made me think.

Publisher Activision's newest trailer of James Bond 007: Blood Stone gives us a more explosive, more boiled-down taste of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 action game. Even if you don't appreciate the shoot 'em up intensity or the Aston Martin-based action, you have to give Blood Stone some points for putting its protagonist in a V-neck sweater.

Maybe Merino wool is the new space marine armour...


    Aston Martin DB5 FTW! I love that car.

    more bond like = no daniel craig. the new bond movies should be called james bourne

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