Japan Finally Gets Final Fantasy XIII On 360

Back in 2008, Japanese game company Square Enix revealed that role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII was coming to the Xbox 360 — everywhere except Japan. That has changed.

The game was originally thought to be a PS3 exclusive. Last winter, it was released as a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

In August 2008, Microsoft Taiwan's Grace Chou apparently confirmed that an Asian Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII was getting released in Taiwan. This Asian version (which would conceivably be released in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore) made Japanese Xbox 360 owners excited as it possibly meant they might be able to import FFXIII and play it on Japanese Xbox 360s. Microsoft contacted Kotaku at the time, telling us that this statement GNN Gamer was actually incorrect.

When Kotaku asked Xbox Japan boss Takashi Sensui whether Final Fantasy XIII would be coming to the Xbox 360, he replied, "Ask them [Square Enix] ."

Square Enix remained steadfast on the PS3's exclusivity and even went as far as including "For PlayStation 3 Only" after trailers for the game in Japan.

When asked by Dengeki Online in 2008 about the possibility for an Xbox 360 release in Japan, Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase replied that an Xbox 360 version of the game would not be released.

Fellow Shinji Hashimoto addressed the same issue later that year, saying that Square Enix had "absolutely no plans" to bring Final Fantasy XIII to the Xbox 360.

Even as late as late fall, the game's director Motomu Toriyama was asked by Dengeki Playstation about an Xbox 360 version going on sale in Japan. He replied, "We definitely will not release it [in Japan] ."

Then last August, Japanese language Xbox 360 Achievements for the game started popping up online.

A recent issue of Japanese game magazines Dengeki states that Final Fantasy XIII is finally coming to the Xbox 360 in Japan.

What's more, the Xbox 360 is going to be a budget version and priced at ¥4,980 (US$59), which is nearly half of what it cost on the PS3. The game will feature a new "Easy Mode" as well as an English voice option.

The game will be released in Japan on December 16, a year after it hit the PS3, under the name "Final Fantasy Ultimate Hits International".

Plans change, companies take inventory and make new decisions according to the business environment. Yet, after repeatedly denying something for years, Square Enix has decided to release Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360 in Japan.


    I know this doesn't compare in popularity, especially over there, but I can imagine this being similar to the Lost Planet 1 PS3 port in the west.
    IE Everybody who gave a damn about the game already has it, and the better version on the respected system too. Sorry if I'm wrong?

    "The game will feature a new "Easy Mode".."

    Does it really need this I'm 14hrs in and combat so far is pretty much all switching paradigms and mashing A real fast.

      At chapter 11, the difficulty level suddenly increases by 10 fold. Bad game design...

        Agreed. TBH I enjoyed the linear story-telling, and when I hit chapter 11 I kept getting owned while walking around and it was just... not fun, so I've stopped. Oh well.

      You do not even have to do that. I threw my controller down a flight of stairs and got 5 stars.

    What's new from S-E. They sure do tell a lot of lies, but I guess that's expected from game companies.

    Are they getting both Japanese and English voices? That would infuriate me as S-E have stated that including Japanese VA into the ps3 one would require more disc space.

      Yeah but the xbox version might have a forth disc or something and they didn't want 2 blu-rays for a bi-langual ps3 version perhaps?
      Maybe they didn't think it was worth the time and money, who knows. Trick is not to care.

    Easy mode??? FFXIII is the easiest game I've played this console generation. Why does it need an easy mode?

    How sad... Square Enix is full of lies these days

    SE: FF13 will be PS3 exclusive
    FF13 went multi platform

    SE: FF13 will be exclusive to PS3 in Japan
    FF13 is coming out in Japan in December 2010

    SE: FF13 Vs will remain PS3
    I believed SE will break this promise too

    Comon SE, keep your words, if you intend to make a game multiplatform, say so... don't mislead the gamers

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