Japanese Box Art Reigns Supreme (The Metroid: Other M Edition)

If you can speak the language - or justify spending big money on a game box - check out Japan's fancy slip-cover edition of Metroid: Other M.

You can dress or undress her face as often as you like, with a neat sliding cover meaning you can swap between casual attire Samus and Power Suit Samus. Zero Suit Samus? She's on the back.

JC over at Tiny Cartridge has a hunch the version available on Play-Asia has English audio, but since the game's page doesn't actually say that, exercise a little caution before entering your credit card information.

[jamesmielke@twitter, via Tiny Cartridge]


    Good Idea, I prefer the pics on the case over the slip tho...I'd get this If I was richer...

    Too bad the game itself sucks.

      game is mad fun, voice and story sucks like hell.

    Dammit, that is cool. Why couldn't we have that?

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