Japanese Developers Making 'Awful Games'

So says Capcom's Keiji Inafune in an interview with the New York Times, hanging not only his countrymen but his own company out to dry.

"I look around Tokyo Games Show, and everyone's making awful games; Japan is at least five years behind," the Mega Man and Dead Rising creator told the New York Times.

"Capcom is barely keeping up. I want to study how Westerners live and make games that appeal to them."

That's certainly a little gloomier than Inafune let on during Capcom's TGS press event, where he said "the Japanese game industry isn't dead as long as Capcom is around".

This is far from the first time a Capcom staffer has said such a thing, but it's certainly the most... blunt. And saddest. It's bad enough that Westerners see fit to imagine the Japanese game industry as some homogeneous beast with not a single studio capable of innovation, but when a Japanese company as prominent as Capcom joins in, it makes you wonder what's in the water.

Japanese Playing a New Video Game: Catch-Up [NYT]


    Not all Westerners want games specifically bent toward Western ideas and design philosophies. Look at franchises like Silent Hill and Devil May Cry. It was the unique Japanese aesthetic in these games that really hooked Western players, as evident from the fact that subsequent iterations developed in the West have received been increasingly disappointing.

    What about games like GT5, the Last Guardian and Metal Gear series? I think they're pretty good baton holders for the Japanese game industry...

    albeit GT5 and Last Guardian aren't out but who isn't looking forward to those?

      I'll ad Demon's Souls here too, that rocked.

      Yep and I'll add Shenmue and the Yakuza series as a very unique but still open world game nothing like GTA etc.
      So its not a total loss theres just a higher percentage of dated crap from their.
      To throw a spanner at my point, the text based dialogue and some other elements of Yakuza made it dated but it was still unique japaneses triple A goodness.

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