Just Thinking About Violent Video Games Stimulates Aggression

A new study by researchers from Ohio State and Central Michigan Universities finds that simply thinking about playing violent video games can stimulate violent behaviour long after your game console has gone cold, unless you're a girl.

Anyone who has ever played a multiplayer shooter on Xbox Live can attest to the fact that participating in such games makes the player more aggressive and more apt to call other players' mothers names. We could try to refute this fact, but all researchers would need to do is join a Halo: Reach matchmaking session to prove us wrong. It's a point we're going to have to give them.

Brad Bushman of The Ohio State University and Bryan Gibson of Central Michigan University had a selection of volunteers play one of six video games for a period of 20 minutes. The games ranged from violent titles like Mortal Kombat to more casual games, such as Guitar Hero.

Once the short game sessions were over, half of the players of violent games were asked to spend the next 24 hours thinking about how they could play the game more effectively. The other half were left to their own devices.

The next day Bushman and Gibson tested the aggressiveness of study participants. The casual game players tested fine. The folks who played violent games but didn't think about them tested fine. The men who pondered violent games after playing them showed a higher tendency towards aggressive behaviour than all of the other groups.

Note that I said men. Women who pondered the violent games they played did not show increased aggression, outing men as the inherently violent animals we are. Note that is my language there, and not that of the researchers.

What does it all mean? The study shows that if you think about better ways to shoot or maim people all day, you're going to have some aggression issues, unless you're a woman.

Should we be worried? I'd say men should definitely be worried, as this means women can spend all day thinking about killing you without you being any the wiser. Think about that the next time you come up with a witty answer to the age old question, "Do these pants make me look fat?"

Violent video games increase aggression long after the game is turned off [Physorg.com]


    thats stupid.

    obvious study has obvious results.

      Did this post make you angry my gaming friend....?


    Reading the results of this study makes me want to smash someone.

    I actually read this article on SAGE Journals (Social Psychology and Personality Studies - free access until October 15 if you sign up FYI).

    It was very short but interesting. Level of aggression was measured by giving gamers an optional device that allowed them to control the length and decibelage of a high-pitched noise in their opponent's headphones (after the game).

    Of course the part they omit is that watching competitive sports events and violent movies and TV's shows illicit the exact same reactions.

    You get more media attention focusing on games though.

    Suddenly feeling a strong desire to brutally bash a psychological researcher actually.

    "The study shows that if you think about better ways to shoot or maim people all day, you’re going to have some aggression issues."

    If you're thinking about that all day, you've got more than aggression issues anyway.

    I bet the women were actually thinking about shoes.


    I call nonsense.
    1. Mature games are intended for mature people NOT
    2. Exactly who funded this "Research"? Jack
    3. Why not show a study showing violence in news or
    how "Fox NEWS" show screaming matches with
    guests which border on boxing matches.

    Would they prefer If when people think about "better ways to shoot or maim people all day..." they are filled with joy and happiness?
    All these studies have just stated the obvious. Competetion of any sort creates agression. Do people focus on the competative nature of the education system in Australia? How that produces hostility between students who are their to out achieve their fellows?

    As 'Aaron' in the above post stated, "You get more media attention focusing on games..." and I think that it just shows that their are people out thier who are vindicative of games. Every study which shows anything that can be linked to games and how they create 'agression' are instantly flagged and read. Hostility that is produced by buisness and educational systems dont recieve half the attention.

    Futhermore if these studies show games influence these emotions, just think what other emotions they can stimulate?

    Thinking about obviously biased studies stimulates my aggression.

    I hate everything.

    Time to shoot some fools on Battlefield. It calms me down. Makes me happy.

    Hello may i use your picture for my GCSE ICT coursework thank you.

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