Kevin Butler Also VP Of Kinect Snark?

The PS3 is good for motion gaming and "sitting gaming", everyone's fave fake exec says in his latest ad, published today. Is that a dig at Kinect's capacity to recognise people gaming from their couch?


    Make this man president of the world or something already!

      Agreed... the dry humour of the character is just fantastic!

      Prime Minister? :)

        Agreed! If he was a candidate I've vote for the boys

        Its just a legend!

        I mean, "Sorry dad I've already tweeted it."


    I think he is a vapid [email protected] who insists on polarising gamers and encouraging flame wars with his one-sided argument.
    Until the industry realises its about the games rather than the brands it won't go forward...Butler is childish.

      You realize he's not real right? It's an actor reading a script.

      One-sided argument? It's an advertisement for crying out loud. You don't see too many Microsoft ads singing the praises of the PS3, either.

      Spot the Xbox owner.

        Dude, I'm an Xbox owner, and even I know these are freaking hillarious ads. :)

      Someone missed the E3 speech where they had Butler effectively talk about how console wars are stupid and gamers should just be gamers.

        I saw it and didn't think he was really trying to stop the flame wars - you can't say your doing that while thinly veiling insults at the competitors...

      Munky, if I were in charge or handing out Retarded Post Awards.. you'd get two! Maybe only one if your post was supposed to be ironic, but you'd still get one.

      Flame wars and console fanboism has been around since day one of gaming.. why not exploit it. Especially with an hilarious personality such a KB.

      My PS3 barely gets any use, but when I see a post with a new KB ad I get half a chub..

        Funny how when the Goose left I made a comment about how the Kotaku comments were generally great with no personal insults... and then I get called a fanboy for NBA2K10 the next day (even though I have bought every Live game and one 2K game) and then I get a Retard award for voicing an opinion that didn't insult anyone personally but sure as hell directed personal insults at me - way to go Kotaku readers - looks like the maturity left with the Goose...

          you do realise you personally insulted KB, cuz hes a person and you called him a wanker.

      --insists on polarising gamers--

      A Sony paid commercial portraying their product as being better than the competition?

      What an outrage!!!

      Sorry guys not a fanboy - a gamer. I appreciate the humour I just don't think it needs to be snarky...
      I get that it's an ad but I don't get why sony have to generate positivity for there own devices by being negative towards their competitors...Major Nelson sure as hell doesn't do it - he has previously posted links to a similar blog that Sony set up - sony wouldn't dare do that.
      And as for fanboy wars - they have only truly taken off this generation - previously people still had favs but it was never as snarky as it is now.
      Like I said I am one to hope gaming continues to grow - I'm glad Mass Effect 2 is going to PS3 - more people get to play an awesome game which generates more money for companies to keep making awesome games - we can grow the industry without negativity and flame wars - Butler doesn't help this cause, that's my issue with it.
      (I am also not dumb enough to think he is real...jeez)

    I've been playing video games for about 30 years, and I can not remember a single ad campaign in that time that even comes close to these Kevin Butler ones.

      "SEGA does what Nintendon't"?

      That's about as close as I can think of. Damn I love KB, and all the bickering he incites!

        As an aside, Nintendo really should've countered with "Super Nintendo is what Genesisn't". Missed opportunity, in my humble opinion. ^^

    His coffee mug disappears in mid air, black magics I say!

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