Kill Zombies With Your Rock Band Drums

The wait to use your Rock Band or Guitar Hero drums against the undead is almost over. Here at Penny Arcade Expo, Vancouver-based developer Andrew Laing is debuting Drumskulls. It's like drumming, but it's also like saving the world.

Laing and I ran through a quick demo earlier today:

I played the game and liked the basic concept, though I'm unsure if the game would be better or worse if it was tied to the rhythm of music. It's a little hard to judge how cacophonous the game is going to be, given that PAX it self is cacophonous.

No release date for this game. They're just getting started and are still designing the game. with the intent to release Drumskulls as a downloadable title.

Rock Band meets Ghostbusters, or something? I liked Laing's "Drumming of the Dead" line. Sure! What else are you going to use your drums for?


    Lame. So very lame.

      Anything relating to drums is instantly NOT lame.
      Don't try to think of anything.

      You obviously have not actually played this game. The drive-in theatre map LAUNCHES PROJECTILE ZOMBIES AT YOU!
      Give this game a little bake time, and I forsee rhythmic Plants vs. Zombies.

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