Kinect Adventures Includes Underwater, Space Games, Online Play

Kinect Adventures will include at least five game types and support both online play and the ability to show off and share your favourite moments in the Xbox 360's upcoming motion game, sources tell Kotaku.

While it may not be the full slate of playable games, people beta testing Kinect Adventures tell us that the game currently includes 20,000 Leaks, River Rush, RallyBall, Reflex Ridge and Space Pop.

Reflex Ridge, River Rush and RallyBall have all been extensively demonstrated at conventions since Kinect was first unveiled. But this is the first we're hearing of 20,000 Leaks and Space Pop.

Space Pop tracks your body in 3D, so you have to move towards and away from your television as you work to pop the transparent balls that shuttle between the holes on the walls, floors and ceilings of the virtual room your avatar is standing in. You can also float to the ceiling by flapping your arms.

In 20,000 Leaks, your avatar is in a glass cube underwater. You have to move around to plug cracks in the cube with your hands, feet and head as fish swim the cube.

Our sources tell us that both games were surprisingly fun and a good workout.

While Microsoft hasn't yet announced Space Pop as an included game, the company did include a single picture of 20,000 leaks in the slew of new videos, pictures and details released during last night's press conference in Tokyo.

Pictures provided to us from our sources also appear to show that Kinect Adventures will support online game play and also includes an option that allows you to "Show off & Share". The game also includes Adventures, free play and timed play.

The official description of Kinect Adventures says the game has 20 adventures, but it's unclear if that means 20 different game types or a combination of game types and settings. We've reached out to Microsoft for comment and will update when we hear back from them.


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