Kinect Gets Its Panzer Dragoon

Yukio Futatsugi, the creator of Panzer Dragoon and Phantom Dust, has a new game coming out for Microsoft's Kinect. What do you do? You ride dragons.

The game is called Project Draco, and has you both flying your dragon in aerial combat, as well as using Kinect's camera capabilities to "nurture and learn to communicate" with your steed, which in turn will help it fight more ferociously.

Panzer Dragoon fans, take one look at the design of those dragons in the image below, and smile.

It'll be out in 2011.


    "Flap arms to fly"

    Damn it! I don't want to have to buy an Xbox or Kinect!

    Or ... he could just make a new Panzer Dragoon game (or saga remake) for next gen, preferrably one that requires buttons!

    I prefer buttons (notes to self that he has never tried kinect).

    The above said, a title like this would make me start to consider kinect whereas I had ruled it out on all games presented thus far.

    they made this game, it was called Lair

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