Kinect Immerses You In Advertising Like Never Before

Sprint and T-Mobile join Chevrolet in using Microsoft's innovative new Kinect controller to advertise to gamers in innovative new ways.

When Kinect Joy Ride launches in November, players will be able to test-drive Chevrolet vehicles in the game. Along with the Chevrolet Volt, revealed back in June, watching an in-dash video advertisement will unlock Chevrolet Cruze, Camaro, and Corvettes for Joy Ride.

Now Sprint and T-Mobile join the line-up of Kinect advertising partners. Sprint is sponsoring the launch of Kinect Adventures, with a co-branded experience on Xbox Live and a contest where players can get their pictures featured on the service.

T-Mobile aligns itself with Kinect Sports, which will sport product placement on everything from volleyball nets to bowling balls. The company will also sponsor various Play & Win contests during the launch.

From the official press release:

"With Kinect for Xbox 360, we are removing the last barrier to interactive television - the controller," said Mark Kroese, general manager of the Interactive Entertainment Advertising Business Group at Microsoft. "We have seen tremendous momentum from the advertising community, including big campaigns from Chevrolet, Sprint and T-Mobile. These visionary marketers are leading the entertainment revolution with ground-breaking campaigns that are highly engaging."

Now that the last barrier to interactive television is being removed, gamers can get closer to advertising than ever before. Isn't technology wonderful?


    How will this work with a world wide service like LIVE, with advertising not being possible due to legal or other country specific conditions??? I always though that global TV etc did not work because of the advertising rights having to be secured in each country>??? Is there any issue here or am i making it up?

      I don't think the issue is advertising... worlds greatest / funniest / cheapest to produce advert shows get screened all the time.
      I believe the issue is syndication of television shows.

      Local networks buy the rights to screen shows, and if the don't buy them the international networks hold off until they do.

    Anyone remember the good old days when consoles were used for games?

    Seriously, this is getting out of hand.

    Oh god no. This is giving me flashbacks of the worst example of product placement I've ever seen in a game. Did anyone else play Midnight Club: LA? If so, you'll know what I'm talking about. T-Mobile ruined that game. Be afraid of them.

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