Kinect's Missing Chip Was Never Needed, Says Microsoft

Earlier this year, when the Xbox 360 add-on Kinect was still known as "Project Natal", reports surfaced that Microsoft was tearing one of the cameras processors out the hardware. Kinect general manager Kudo Tsunoda explains why.

Tsunoda explains to Xbox 360 World, via CVG, that the Kinect processor was originally in the camera because the Xbox 360 maker "didn't know how much processing Kinect was going to take at the start of development". Ultimately, he says "there's just no need to have that extra processor," saying that dropping it had no impact on Kinect's body-detecting performance or the console's graphical fidelity.

The man responsible for Kinect development says the change in scope was "just normal game development".

Why did MS dump Kinect processor? There was 'no need' for it [CVG]


    Typical f**king Micro$oft cutting corners and ripping off the consumer again

      and then im sure youd say the exact same thing if they released it with the extra cpu and the extra $200 on top of the price tag

        Well as long as the cutting corners doesn't result in scratched discs or dead consoles this time, I'll be happy.

      "Sony removes 2 USB ports from PS3 to save money"

      Typical f**king $ony cutting corners and ripping off the consumer again

      "Sony removes backwards compatibility from PS3 to save money"

      Typical f**king $ony cutting corners and ripping off the consumer again

      See what I did there? Protip: every company wants to cut costs, and they will where ever they can. EVERY company.

        I agree, and on a side note; how about that damn Wii not being a dvd player!

          and what's up with a console called a 'wii' that can't urinate? false advertising right there...

    Yeah... even I call bullshit on this one.

    If you were really planning on getting another five years out of your console, you'd start future-proofing.

    There is a big difference in what the system was original promised to be able to do, and what it can do now.
    The current system can detect limbs fairly well, the original could detect fingers as well as promising to be able to detect facial expressions very well.

    if the extra chip meant that it could process it's data faster than the xbox could handle it then who cares if they took it out. Most likey is that the change gimped it to be only as fast as the xbox can handle. If it comes out and is slow and doesn't work well then call bullshit on it(if you're certain it's this chips fault). Otherwise, eh.

      so you actually believe them? you know this IS the internet

    I'd prefer to believe this is a case of planned obsolescence. Removing the ability of the thing to recognise hand gestures and other finer detail makes it cheaper in the short term and provides them with a ready made "Kinect 2" to market in years to come if the thing actually takes off.

    I'm still not sure how Kinect is any different from Eyetoy. From a technology standpoint Move actually makes more sense to me. That said I've no interest in getting Move.

    I'll definitely be waiting on reviews for Kinect but they haven't spoken to me at all so far. I've already played Wii Sports, Nintendogs etc.

    I'm betting a rifle-with-glowing-tip accessory appears within 12 months to counter Move's potential for FPS control.

    just like the HDD hey MS.

      I think the main advantage it has over eyetoy wii etc is that it has 2 cameras, one that senses depth using IR (thats in monochrome) than just movement, i guess we will see just how well the skeletal mapping works.

      Again its up to the developers to do something cool with it so the games aren't just tech demos.

      Being able to use the kinect for head tracking in FPS is one thing that would entice the hardcore gamers in, but it should be integrated into games that use the traditional controller and add another level of immersion than try to replace it.
      Also i would like to see that "looking through a window" 3D effect they have with the 3DS.
      It has potential, it being realized is another thing however.

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