Kinect's TV Commercials Look...Familiar

With Kinect's November launch looming, Microsoft has kicked the peripheral's marketing drive into top gear with these TV commercials. Don't they look familiar?

Front-on perspective, people waggling enthusiastically...yup, it's the Wii launch commercials all over again, the only difference being there's no catchy tune or humble little bowing Japanese men this time around.

I will say though, as easy as it is to make fun of Kinectimals, that last commercial might convince a lot of parents that this might be something worth looking into.


    and no Kevin Butler either. His advert already roundly mocked these sort of ads, and did it very well.

      I like their strategy of showing 0.5 seconds of actual game play footage in each ad. Verrry Clever...yyeessss..

        Yeah, it's abit like that, especially with the tagline "You Are The Controller"

        Can see that I am the controller, but what am I controlling? Something that is far more important to me, if I don't like the game, then I'm not going to become the controller for it.

    These are all lame...although I was never going to purchase Kinect anyway.

    MS should throw a tonne of money at Pixar and get them to do an advert with Kinect and WAL-E.

    Should've just used the chick from the E3 presentation of Dance Central.

    These vids dont seem to like IE 9 much :( Vid not available

    Obviously it's going to work.
    I just wish it wouldn't.

    Yeah, these videos have just emphasized my belief that if you play Kinect games, you will look like an absolute tool.

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