Knights Contract's Tokyo Game Show Trailer

Suddenly in need of a new demon slaying action hero? Perhaps one with white hair? Maybe you should sign on for Knights Contract, Namco Bandai's new action game starring the blade-wielding and burly Heinrich and his bewitching partner Gretchen.

At the very least, Knights Contract is going to features some gorgeous pre-rendered cinematics on its game disc. But we thought the live gameplay that Namco showed off at Gamescom last month was impressive to put it on our radar. Perhaps this new Tokyo Game Show trailer will make you a fan.

Knights Contract is currently scheduled for a 2011 release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


    I want to go play Nier again, now. I need to clock it for a third time!

    The hero looks like Takeshi Kitano in some angles

    I thought this was badass until I saw the gameplay, it's a bloody DMC clone. Would have been better as, well anything.

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