Kotaku’s Community Service Award Goes To…

Let's congratulate the latest Community Service Award winner, given to the Kotaku reader who contributed the most thoughtful, articulate, helpful and worthwhile comments over the past seven days.

It works like this: each week I publish a list of ten items – grouped in five pairs – taken from the 2010 Big Pile Of Crap. And each week I announce the weekly prize winner. That winner will then be able to choose five items – one from each pair – from the pile to be delivered to their door.

This week's winner is... my fellow Minecraft devotee, blake!

That's Blake, but with a lower-case b.

Well done, you now get to choose one item from each of these pairs:

1. Xbox 360 Drop 'N' Charge Kit ... or PlayStation 3 Afterglow controller 2. BioShock 2 t-shirt (size M) ... or Fallout New Vegas t-shirt (size L) 3. Plastic sword (sent to me to promote Gothic 4) ... or Wii Sports Resort inflatable beach ball 4. Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 game (promo copy only) ... or Bad Company 2 Xbox 360 game 5. Civilization Anonymous "Hex Addiction" pin badge ... or Bethesda postcards (for Brink, Fallout New Vegas, Hunted and Rage)

Blake with a lower-case b, take a look at the photo below and then let us know your choices in the comments below. Everyone else, keep commenting and you might take out the award next week!


    Thats a pretty crabby sword.

      It'd be good for a prop to a party?

      Congrats Blake. Enjoy your swag.

      hahaha i see what you did there!

      Everytime i see the CSA post, my heart automatically goes to my throat - it's one of my favorite times of the week! haha

      Well done blake with a lower case 'b'!!!!

      Enjoy your swag!

      If you don't take the sword, i'd be shell-shocked!

      conCRABulations. Haha.

      Sooo.... DJ Hero still got its feelings too hurt to make an appearance?

        Oh man, all these great puns. I'm so gonna bisque you guys when I'm gone.

          awww, you know you'll always be claws to our hearts!

          It's very un-shellfish of you to give away these prizes

            No Trout about it! Lucky for blake he was on a real california-roll last week!

              Oh SNAP!

              haha that's such a sashimi terrible pun!

                I'm itchy, I think I have...

                pube lice.

    well done blake! that sword would totally kick ass!!! lucky son of a gun!!!! ;)

    I want that Fallout t-shirt! :(

    Awesome swag (would have been better with the DJ Hero setup)

    Congrats blake! Let us know what you are getting...

    Firstly thank you Dave and all the team at Kotaku! Did a double take when I read the email :P Thanks for all the crabgrats.

    Now for the swag...

    1. PS3 Afterglow Controller.
    2. Fallout New Vegas T-Shirt.
    3. Crab Sword for sure!
    4. Bad Company 2 360 game.
    5. Civ "Hex Addiction" pin.

    Thanks again David :D

    (I have been referred to as "lower case blake" all afternoon now...)

      Congrats man, enjoy! (no terrible puns from me, sorry!)

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