Kotaku AU Wrap: The Week That Was

Last week we learned that Gameservers.com had the exclusive right to host Black Ops servers before the rest of the world, our Starcraft 2 players went to war with Southeast Asia while the World Cyber Games drew its groups, and speculation over whether Duke Nukem Forever's "special muscle pills" would allow for an Aussie release.

The week that was on Kotaku AU:

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    I personally dont think that there will any issues with Duke Nukem Forever, Steriods are generic and are not generally considered narcotics like morphine, Duke just has sexuall inuendos and nudity is now starting to become common in video games, the violence is probably on par with normal shooters nowdays and considering that Duke has no human enemies so the gore is directed at aliens. So i think it has a good chance of getting through, that and if it doesnt i will just import it and probably save a few bucks aswell.

      I'm quite sure Blitz (an NFL game) got banned in Australia because of some sort of steroid drug use.

        I think that game you have to look into what context steroids were used.

    Hey Jung, has Talk Amongst Yourselves gone on a hiatus this week?

      Nope! Just put one up :)

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